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as snug upon my bed I doze
in vacant or in pensive mood
I chance upon that inner nose
which is the bliss of solitude
and then my heart in heaven dwells
basking among the whiffs and smells


Our Story

Glebe farm boarding kennels and cattery has been established for over 25 years, so we know just how important your pets are to you.

We want you to be able to relax on your holiday, knowing that they are in safe and caring hands.

Although we realise that nothing can replace home environments, we do our very best to hand your pets back to you as healthy and happy as when you left them.

The Kennels and Cattery is situated in the midst of a calm and peaceful rural setting in the hamlet of Trumfleet, outside Doncaster.

We have a large exercise yard for playing and socialising and all dogs also enjoy daily country walks.

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